Hello! My name is Mingyi Li.


I'm currently a Computer Science and Cognitive Science Student at UC San Diego. I'll be joining Northeastern University as a Computer Science PhD student in Fall, working with Prof. Maitraye Das as part of the Technology, Equity, and Accessibility (TEA) lab.


My research interests lie in the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Accessibility. My goal is to design and build content authoring and creativity support tools for people with disabilities.


Research Experiences

During my undergraduate years, I was fortunate to work as:

1) a student researcher in the Protolab advised by Professor Steven Dow, where we designed and built tools for novices to create and learn visual design.

2) a research assistant in the iSchool at the University of Michigan advised by Professor Robin Brewer, where we developed conversational agents for older adults and their caregivers.

3) a research intern in the Ability Team at Microsoft Research, where I investigated inclusive avatar representations in the workplace.

4) an XR intern in the Clarke Center for Human Imagination, where I explored procedural rendering of 3D models to the campus scene.



CareJournal: A Voice-Based Conversational Agent for Supporting Care Communications [CHI 2024, Honorable Mention]

John Rudnik, Sharadhi Raghuraj, Mingyi Li, Robin N. Brewer


ProcessGallery: Illustrating Design Principles in Online Example Galleries [CSCW 2024]              

Grace Yen*, Jane E*, Hyoungwook Jin, Mingyi Li, Grace Lin, Isabelle Pan, Steven Dow


When to Give Feedback: Exploring Tradeoffs in the Timing of Design Feedback [C&C 2024]

Jane E*, Grace Yen*, Isabelle Pan, Grace Lin, Mingyi Li, Hyoungwook Jin, Mengyi Chen, Haijun Xia, Steven Dow


Tutoring Experiences

CSE 11 - Accel. Intro to Programming - Ochoa [SPRING 2024]

COGS 120 - Interaction Design - E [FALL 2023]

CSE 8B - Intro to Programming 2 - Ochoa [SPRING 2023]

CSE 8B - Intro to Programming 2 - Ochoa [SPRING 2022]

CSE 8B - Intro to Programming 2 - Ochoa [FALL 2022]